Burgundy Shiny Nail Polish – GBY454

23.0 ر.س شامل الضريبة

  • مناكير عنابي من اجاثا بلون نابض بالحياة ومنعش
  • تركيبة تدوم طويلا وصديقة للبيئة بألوان غنية
  • Adds a brighter touch to your nails
  • Provides continuous protection for natural nails

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مواصفات مناكير عنابي لامع – GBY454

  • Product form: Glass packaging
  • the size: 11 mil
  • المنشأ: Italia
  • العلامة التجارية: Agatha company

The Italian manicure company Agatha is indispensable to complete your wonderful look and show the beauty of your nails while giving a delicate and attractive feminine look to your hands.

  • يتميز اللون الأحمر بمناسبته لجميع درجات البشرة مما يجعله عنصر أساسي في مستحضراتك
  • Easily covers nails from the first application; It contains a flat brush carefully selected for you
  • Not only is it rich in color, but it also strengthens your nails and protects them from breakage
  • It allows air to pass through to the nails, and maintains their healthy appearance, unlike some other coatings
  • long lasting; It resists various factors and does not peel off easily

طريقة وضع مناكير عنابي لامع – GBY454

  • Clean your nails well and dry them
  • Open the manicure and take the brush quietly
  • Put some manicure on the nails
  • Wait for the manicure layer to dry
  • You can apply more than one layer if you like


تستمر صلاحية المناكير الإيطالي GBY454 لمدة 36 شهرًا


Add one of the brightest and most vibrant shades of nail polish to your collection

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