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Colored cosmetic lenses. There are some of them that are one distinct color tone that is clearer, two or three to four shades of color in the same lens combined with craftsmanship to give a unique and attractive appearance.

The lens is made in Korea – registered with the Ministry of Commerce and the Food and Drug Authority. We are the exclusive agent for it in the Kingdom and the Middle East

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– Colored cosmetic lenses – There are one color shade that is more distinct and clear – There are two, one, three or even four color shades in the same lens, professionally combined to give a unique and attractive appearance – The lens is made in Korea, produced by Da Vinci International – The lens is registered The Ministry of Commerce and the Food and Drug Authority – we are the exclusive agent for them in the Kingdom and the Middle East

following instructions

The two main forms of contact lenses are hard gas permeable lenses and soft lenses. The instructions for use and care for each are different from the other. So it is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding this.

If the person is using lenses for the first time, He must make sure that it is suitable for him through a licensed ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist or general practitioner.

Contact lenses that are used more than once

The following tips can be followed for users of contact lenses that can be used more than once.

After removing the contact lenses, It is necessary for a person to sterilize them to prevent harmful germs from growing on them. The doctor will advise you on the best lens care available. Lens care may include further procedures. such as rubbing or washing.

Sterilization tips

  • The lenses must be soaked in a solution in a suitable container for a specified period of time.
  • You should avoid using the sterile solution a second time or filling a new solution on top of the old one. It must be discarded and a fresh solution used each time.
  • Only solutions recommended by the doctor should be used. Follow her instructions carefully.

The container used for sterilization is a major source of infection.
Tips for caring for the sterilizer pot:

  • The sterilizing container must be washed and left open to dry after each use. It must also be replaced monthly.
  • The sterilization container should be cleaned weekly. Using a clean toothbrush and contact lens sterilization solution.

Single-use contact lenses

Disposable contact lenses do not require any cleaning or disinfection. This is because it is used once and then thrown away. These lenses should not be used more than once. as it is not designed for frequent use. Even if the person uses single-use contact lenses, He needs periodic check-ups at the doctor.

Extended use lenses

Long wear lenses are specially designed for use at night. It can be used continuously for up to a month without removing it. You should avoid sleeping while wearing any contact lens. Unless safely indicated by a physician. The doctor will also advise you on how to care for these types of lenses when you need to remove them temporarily. A person may need periodic check-ups when using this type of lens.

All types of lenses

All users of contact lenses of any kind must follow the following:

  • Wash and dry hands completely before handling the lenses.
  • The person should have a suitable pair of glasses to use when removing the contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses must be replaced at intervals determined by the doctor.
  • The user of contact lenses should have regular check-ups with the doctor.
  • The user of contact lenses should seek medical advice when encountering any problems while using contact lenses.

The user of contact lenses should also ask himself the following questions when wearing contact lenses:

  • Do my eyes look good?
  • Do my eyes look healthy?
  • Do I see things around me well?

If the person cannot answer yes to any of these questions, or had any doubts about his contact lenses, He must remove it immediately and consult his doctor.

  • Contact lens wearers should not go to sleep if they have a painful, red eye. He must then consult a doctor immediately.
  • You should avoid exposing contact lenses to tap water.
  • Wetting contact lenses with saliva should be avoided.
  • You should avoid wearing contact lenses while showering or swimming (it’s okay if you use swimming goggles).

How to use lenses

Madam, to ensure the optimal use of lenses, we ask you to adhere to the following:

1 – The lenses are washed after purchasing from an talabiah. Com directly with the special solution given to you as a free gift with the lens upon purchase.

2 – Do not use hair fixing spray or any other aerosol and keep it close to the lenses.

3- Take off the lenses before removing makeup and before going to sleep.

4 – Do not swim or take a shower while you put the lenses in your eyes.

5 – Do not use the lenses for more than one person.

6- Do not use a hair dryer while wearing the lenses.

7- Do not touch the lenses except when cleaning the hand from any perfume materials.

8 – Use the special tweezers while putting on or removing the lenses from the eye.

The Korean company Da Vinci has been working in the field of lenses for decades

The company uses high technology in manufacturing lenses and is committed to all health standards in manufacturing

The exclusive agent for the distribution of Da Vinci lenses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Al-Arfaj Trading & Import &

The company produces more than one type of lenses with a number of more than 200 colors








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